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Alex Menta: GM Holden is part of the GM global group of companies. We’re manufacturers of motor vehicles and we operate in six continents over 140 countries across 23 time zones.

GM Holden has a very, very strong mantra on trade compliance. We signed on to the pilot phase of the Australian Trusted Trader programme because it’s consistent with GM’s global operations.

GM is quite experienced in authorised economic operator programmes. GM was one of the original seven organisations that helped developed the C-TPAT AEO programme in the States, as a result of September 11. We developed the supply chain aspects, the need for making it safe, secure, implementation of security processes. The most interesting part of course is that it was always focussed on supply chain security alone. The Trusted Trader programme, from its inception, we believe, gave us the leading-edge programme because it not only incorporated supply chain security but it actually encompassed trade compliance.

What a lot of people may not know is other programmes around the world have separate programmes. So, supply chain security, trade compliance which means that you really needed to focus on two sets of application process, two sets of audits but the Trusted Trader programme enables us to combine all of that in one.

International traders, be they large or small, need to jump on board with these sort of programmes. Strong compliance helps our business because it results in transparency in everything that we do. Transparency with Government, transparency in our processes which all leads to less impediment, getting our goods more efficiently to our manufacturing facilities and also to our end customers.

We have found working with the Australian Border Force very, very positive along the way. Very helpful suggestions on how we can improve our processes and complimentary of our existing processes. The ABF Account Manager is a great benefit for us. It becomes our central point of communication. When we have pain points, not only with Border Force but with other areas of Government, being able to ring a Customer Manager who then focuses their time and effort in expediting our clearances is fantastic.

The Australian Trusted Trader Programme is a programme that I would support. GM supports it and we would say to all traders, be they large or small, they need to get on board.​

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