Assurance of support

An assurance of support is a legal document that assures the Australian government that you will not have to rely on government assistance for two years after you enter Australia on this visa.

The assurance covers you and any family members who come to Australia with you.

    The assurance can be provided by either:
  • your sponsor
  • another person or
  • an organisation.

Up to three people can provide a joint assurance of support for you.

Assurers must:

  • lodge a bond for each applicant aged 18 years or older:
    • AUD 5,000 — for the main applicant
    • AUD 2,000 — for each adult family member included in your application.
  • repay any recoverable social security payments you receive in the first two years of living in Australia.

If the assurer is an organisation, the bond will be larger.

The bond is refunded two years after you enter Australia on this visa, less any debts owed to the government.

We will tell you how and when to lodge an assurance of support after your application has been assessed.

There is more information about assurances of support.