Documents for dependents under 18

For every dependent under 18 who is applying with you provide:

  • identity documents
  • documents about other relationships, if applicable
  • character documents, if applicable.

Living requirement

Provide proof that your dependent has lived for at least two years on an eligible visa in:

  • regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area
  • a designated area of Australia.

Parental responsibility documents

    If the relationship with your partner has ended since grant of your provisional visa and your partner has a legal right to decide where your child under 18 lives, they must complete either:
  • Form 1229 - Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years (125KB PDF)
  • a statutory declaration giving their consent for the child to live in Australia on this visa.

Provide an identity document such as a passport or drivers licence that contains the signature of the person who completed Form 1229 or the statutory declaration.

Provide adoption papers or parental court orders, if applicable.