Seek advice

Seek advice from your closest state and territory adoption authority before starting any adoption process to adopt a child from outside Australia.

In Australia, the processing of inter-country adoptions is the responsibility of state and territory adoption authorities. These authorities manage arrangements for adopting children from overseas, including assessing and approving prospective adoptive parents.

We cannot help arrange an adoption. Our role is to assess and decide applications for visas.

You should first seek legal advice in both Australia and the country in which the child lives.

    To be eligible for an Adoption visa (subclass 102), a child must have been one of the following:
  • adopted (or is to be adopted) with the involvement of an Australian state or territory adoption authority
  • adopted privately by an expatriate Australian resident who has been living outside Australia for more than 12 months before the visa application is lodged (the residency outside Australia must not have been contrived solely for the purposes of the child’s adoption)
  • adopted through an arrangement between two Hague Adoption Convention countries other than Australia.