Applicant documents

Provide completed Form 157N (201KB PDF) with your visa application or it will not be valid.

Financial requirement

You must provide evidence of financial capacity.

12-Months' of funds option

Costs ​Amount required in Australian dollars (AUD)
​You (the Student Guardian visa applicant)

​12 months living costs

From 1 July 2016: AUD19,830

From 1 February 2018: AUD20,290

​Nominating student/s

12 month living costs

From 1 July 2016: AUD19,830 per student (these are the funds the student may have provided in their student visa application).

From 1 February 2018: AUD20,290 per student (these are the funds the student may have provided in their student visa application).

​Each child, if applicable

12 month living costs

From 1 July 2016: AUD2,970 per child

From 1 February 2018: AUD3,040 per child

​Travel costs (for each applicant)

​If applying outside Australia, include AUD2,000 (except if applying from East or Southern Africa, include AUD2,500; West Africa include AUD3,000).

If applying in Australia, include AUD1,000 (except if returning to Africa, include AUD1500).

These costs are indicative of the cost of living in Australia. Actual living costs vary depending where you live.

Important: The financial capacity requirement relates to your eligibility for the grant of the student guardian visa. The living costs we ask you to declare or provide with your visa application are indicative of the cost of living in Australia. You need to be aware that actual living costs vary according to the area in which you intend to live and it is recommended that you research this yourself.

Annual income option

The annual income requirement is AUD70,000 or more. The income must be one of the following:

  • the personal income of your spouse
  • in the form of official government documentation such as a tax assessment (or country equivalent)
  • showing income earned during a period ending less than 12 months before the visa application was lodged. For example, a tax assessment issued in December 2015, for a visa application lodged in July 2016, would be acceptable.

Genuine access to funds

You and your accompanying family members must demonstrate that you will have access to the funds while you are in Australia.

Some examples of how to evidence genuine access include:

  • When another person or business is providing funds, show evidence of the relationship and any history of financial support provided to the student or any other students. It is also good practice to provide identity documents for the person providing the funds or evidence that the business is currently operating.
  • If relying on a money deposit, any recent large deposits must be explained. You may also consider explaining ongoing deposits – like wages.
  • If you have an education loan to cover tuition fees or living expenses (such as accommodation) disbursement should occur according to the agreement between the bank, provider and yourself. Evidence of any disbursement which occurs before the visa application has been finalised, should be provided. Evidence of the terms of the loan and the full amount of the loan that will be disbursed should be attached.
    • Providers should be aware of the conditions placed on the education loan. Some loans offer deferred repayment against future earnings of the student and are conditional on the student studying only the stipulated course as that provider.
  • If you are relying on another type of loan, you may consider showing evidence of collateral used to get the loan, the terms of the agreement and capacity to cover ongoing costs. The best evidence of genuine access for a loan is full disbursement. 

Health Insurance

You must provide evidence that you have adequate health insurance for the first 12 months of your stay in Australia. This can be Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) or another health insurance product from Australia or your home country that provides a similar level of cover.

The student visa holder must have their own health insurance.

Identity and relationship documents

You must provide identity documents and proof of your relationship with the student. This can include a birth certificate showing the names of both parents.

You must also provide:

  • a birth certificate showing the names of both parents
  • the pages of each applicant's current passport showing photo, personal details and passport issue and expiry dates
  • two recent passport photographs (45 mm x 35 mm):
    • the photograph should be of the head and shoulders only against a plain background
    • the applicant's name must be printed on the back of the photograph
  • proof of change of name, if applicable.

Genuine temporary requirement

When we assess whether you plan to stay in Australia temporarily we will consider:

  • your personal circumstances in your home country
  • your potential circumstances in Australia
  • your immigration history
  • anything else that relates to your plan to remain in Australia temporarily.

Show proof that you are staying in Australia temporarily, such as:

  • evidence of immediate family members in your home country
  • your visa or residence status in your home country and your right to return
  • proof of property or other significant assets in your home country
  • a return air ticket
  • a letter from your employer confirming your leave.

Bringing children

If a child under six years old is coming with you but someone with a legal right to decide where that child lives is not coming to Australia, also provide:

  • Form 1229 (125KB PDF) - Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years that has been completed by this person, or
  • a statutory declaration giving this person's consent for the applicant to travel to Australia on this visa.

Also attach a certified copy of this person's identity papers such as a birth certificate, passport or driver licence.