Visa conditions

Check your visa conditions to find out the number of hours that you and your family members can work while you are in Australia. You must comply with the state and territory laws of Australia. You should remember that, if you choose to work in Australia you have the same rights and obligations in the workplace as any other employee. You can find out more about your rights before you apply for a job from the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Your visa was granted based on your declaration that you have sufficient funds to cover your living and tuition expenses in Australia. You must continue have sufficient funds to support yourself and accompanying family members while you are in Australia. You should not rely on work to support yourself or family while in Australia.

When you have started your course of study in Australia, you can generally work up to 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks. Students completing a Masters’ degree by research or a doctoral degree (PhD) do not have work restrictions.

Your family members can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, after you have started your course of study in Australia. If you are doing a postgraduate course, such as a Masters degree, your family members can work unlimited hours once you start your study.

You must also be aware that under all state and territory laws, school students might have other restrictions on their ability to work.

Your accompanying family members aged 18 years or older can study in Australia for up to three months. If they want to study for more than three months, they must apply for their own student visa.


Work conditions for student visa holders

Workplace rights for all visa holders working in Australia