Occupational training required for registration

This type of occupational training is for people who are required to undertake workplace-based training to obtain registration, membership or licensing in Australia, or their home country, in relation to their occupation.

    To be eligible for this nomination type, the nomination must be for occupational training that:
  • is necessary for the nominated trainee to obtain registration, membership or licensing in their identified occupation
  • involves a mandatory registration, membership or licensing requirement to be employed in the identified occupation of the nominated trainee in Australia or in the home country
  • is of a duration necessary for the identified trainee to meet the registration, membership or licensing requirement in the identified occupation, taking into account their prior experience
  • is workplace based (see: Workplace-based training) and
  • the nominated trainee has appropriate qualifications and experience to undertake the occupational training.

Support from a regulatory body

    The organisation or body that is responsible for the registration or licensing of professionals for the identified occupation must support the nomination by providing a letter that:
  • states the name of the nominee
  • advises that the training is necessary for that person to obtain mandatory registration or licensing to work in the identified occupation.

The regulatory body can be in Australia or in the nominee's home country.

If necessary, we might contact the regulatory body to confirm the registration requirement and whether the proposed duration of training is required.

Health practitioners

Health practitioners who are treating patients as part of their occupational training are required to have conditional or provisional registration from the relevant national, state or territory regulatory body. Nominations for health practitioners must include a letter from the relevant registration authority advising that the nominee has conditional or provisional registration for the training. Because this can take some time, there might be delays in processing the nominee’s visa application if they have not already applied for such a letter.