Occupational training to enhance skills in an eligible occupation

This type of occupational training is for people with recent and suitable experience in the nominated occupation, who are seeking to undertake a structured workplace-based training programme in relation to an occupation specified in the list of eligible skilled occupations.

    To be eligible for this nomination type, the nomination must be for occupational training that:
  • is a structured workplace-based training programme, specifically tailored and timed to the training needs of the nominated person
  • is of a duration that meets the specific needs of the nominee
  • is in relation to an occupation specified in the list of eligible skilled occupations
  • involves a nominee who has recent and suitable prior experience (this can include employment experience or study experience) that:
    • is the equivalent of at least 12 months full-time experience in the occupation
    • has occurred in the 24 months immediately before the nomination is lodged.

Structured training programme

    The training programme must be structured to meet the specific training needs of the nominee in order to enhance their skills. A structured programme should include (but is not limited to):
  • an outline of the objectives of the training programme and the type of work activities involved
  • details of the curriculum and the specific training tasks to be done throughout the programme
  • the location of the training activities, including details of the various components
  • details of the training duration and timeframes for the various training tasks
  • details of all supervisors, trainers and/or assessors, including their qualifications and/or experience
  • the planned learning outcomes and how they will be monitored and assessed.

The tasks to be completed and outcomes to be achieved should be consistent with the objectives of the programme, include timeframes for completion, and show an increase in difficulty and complexity over the course of the training programme to allow the nominee to progress to a higher skill level.

Workplace-based training

    The occupational training programme should:
  • comprise at least 30 hours a week of training and
  • at least 70 percent of that training must be conducted in the workplace (that is, not in a classroom or similar teaching environment).

Part-time, classroom-based study that is unrelated to the occupational training may be permitted, provided it does not interfere with the occupational training programme. The unrelated classroom study cannot count towards any component of the training programme and should be listed in the nominee’s visa application.