ACBPS 2014-15 Annual Report erratum - number of undeclared handguns correction

In the ACBPS Annual Report 2014–15 on page 62 under Programme 1.2 Border Enforcement, the statement ‘…the number of undeclared handguns detected at the border has increased by almost 60 per cent including several deliberate attempts at concealing complete handguns through the International Mail Stream’ is incorrect.

The correct number of undeclared handguns that were detected at the Border was 13, compared to 49 in 2013–14. Detections of undeclared firearms and parts cannot automatically be attributed to criminality and any increase or decrease in the detection of undeclared parts and accessories at the border is not necessarily reflective of the number of illegal firearms that may be in the community at any one time. In many instances undeclared firearm parts and accessories detected at the border are later released for legal and legitimate domestic consumption; undeclared firearms are therefore not necessarily illicit firearms.