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Border Watch - Information Protection Statement

We operate in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Privacy Principles outlined in Schedule 1 of that Act and our Privacy Policy to ensure your personal information is managed appropriately at all times.

You can provide information to Border Watch anonymously through our Border Watch reporting form online form or by calling 1800 009 623. 

Calls to the 1800 009 623 number will be recorded for quality assurance purposes. You will be given the opportunity to tell the operator that you do not wish your call to be recorded. You can still choose to remain anonymous even if the call is recorded. 

If you do choose to provide your name and contact details when providing information to the Border Watch program, these details will be separated from the information provided and managed in a secure manner.

If you have provided your name and contact details and have advised that you wish to be contacted to provide further information or to receive feedback on your referral, we will aim to follow up your referral in a timely manner as dictated by the urgency of your referral.

From time to time we will be required, under the law, to provide information regarding the source of information received through the Border Watch program for a specific case under investigation. Depending on the sensitivity of the information provided, an investigating agency can apply for Public Interest Immunity to protect the source of that information. We will apply all protections possible to protect the identity of sources of information to the Border Watch program. However we can’t guarantee that source details will not be released if we are required to do so under the law.

If you have any concerns about being identified as providing information to the Border Watch program please make your referral to Border Watch anonymously. Your information is of paramount importance to us. We thank you for your participation in the Border Watch program.