Sea crew documents

Details provided by the applicant

  • Documentary proof that you are employed on, or are to be employed on, the ship you are joining in Australia.
  • Tickets or documents establishing arrangements for travel to a destination outside Australia.
  • You need to have acceptable travel documents such as a seafarer's identity document.
  • A statement from the vessel's local shipping/handling agent.

Details provided by the shipping agent

  • The shipping agent provides the following details with your application:
    • your name
    • the name of the person you are replacing
    • the name of the company employing you
    • the name of the ship you will join
    • the date you arrive in Australia
    • the port and date you expect to join the ship
    • if you are not the ship’s owner, a copy of the request for crew from the ship’s agent in Australia. The request should contain the details of all crew members applying for visas.