Applying for special program approval

This information explains what you need to do to apply for approval of your organisation's youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefit special programme.

Prepare your written submission

Prepare a written submission to us. Indicate the type of program (youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefits).

    Include the following details:
  • profile and size of the Australian organisation (including organisational structure, Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), street address, postal address, email and website)
  • purpose and details of the organisation's operations (including the organisation's main activities)
  • any association with any organisation previously or currently approved for special program purposes under the Special Program visa (subclass 416) or Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)
  • details of affiliated organisations both in Australia and overseas
  • name of the special program
  • duration of the proposed special program (number of weeks/months/years, ongoing, etc.)
  • the purpose and aim of the program for which approval is being sought
  • benefits to the Australian community if the program is approved as a special program
  • benefits to participants if the program is approved as a special program
  • proposed remuneration for participants (if applicable)
  • the special program eligibility criteria (you will need to explain how participants will be selected for the program)
  • number of visas required per financial year
  • length of participation by participants
  • nominated source countries for participants
  • details of the proposed employment of any visa holders, including wages/salary, duties, insurance, travel and other expenses
  • details of individual participants' activities during their time in Australia under the program, including information about who will be supervising them during their stay and in their place of activity or work
  • typical weekly schedule of a participant during the life of the program
  • maintenance arrangements (for example, board and lodgings) and any other expenses to be met by the organisation (if applicable)
  • details of expenses to be met by participants in the program
  • details of participants' obligations
  • the organisation's contact person (including position in the organisation, email, telephone, fax)
  • for youth exchange programs: details of reciprocal arrangements that will allow young Australians to have similar opportunities outside Australia.

If your organisation is a non-profit organisation, include a copy of its tax exemption certificate.

Lodge your submission by email or post

    You can lodge your submission with us:
  • preferably by email:
  • or by post or courier:

    By post
    Department of Home Affairs
    Temporary Specialist Visas Section
    PO Box 25

    By courier
    Department of Home Affairs
    Temporary Specialist Visas Section
    6 Chan Street