Nomination documents


  • If the nominee will not be paid to attend the training:
    • Form 1283 Acknowledgement of unpaid placement—visa applicant (48 KB PDF)
    • Form 1284 Acknowledgement of unpaid placement—sponsor (88 KB PDF).

Sponsorship approval status

  • Evidence that your sponsorship application has been lodged or approved, such as the sponsor approval letter or a receipt for lodgement of the sponsorship application.

General training arrangements

  • A copy of the training contract or agreement.
  • Details of all periods and places of training, including on-the-job training, classroom-based training and supervised work activities.
  • A statement from you confirming that the nominee has functional English language skills to undertake the training programme.
  • If registration or licensing is required for the nominee to do the training: copies of the registration or licence.

Occupational training required for registration

  • A letter from the regulatory body for the identified occupation in Australia or the nominee’s home country:
    • stating that the nominated training is necessary for the nominee to obtain registration, membership or licensing to work in the occupation
    • naming the person being nominated to do the training.
  • For health practitioners who are treating patients as part of their occupational training: a letter from the relevant registration authority or regulatory body, stating that the nominee has conditional registration for the training.
  • A copy of the nominee's relevant qualifications and curriculum vitae (CV).

Structured training to enhance skills in an eligible occupation

  • A copy of the nominee's relevant qualifications and CV.
  • A copy of the structured workplace-based training programme.

Occupational training for capacity building overseas

  • A copy of the nominee's relevant qualifications and CV.
  • A copy of the structured workplace-based training programme or professional development programme (as applicable).
  • One of the following:
    • Overseas qualification: a letter from the nominee’s education provider in their home country, stating that the practical experience, research or observation is a requirement for the nominee’s course
    • Government support: a letter of support from a government agency in Australia or in the nominee’s home country, stating that the training promotes international capacity building.
    • Professional development:
      •  A signed letter from the nominee’s overseas employer detailing the nominee’s current managerial or professional position with the employer.
      • Evidence as to how the occupational training programme will provide skills and expertise relevant to the employer’s business and the nominee’s development.
      • A statement from you confirming you are satisfied that the nominee will be doing the professional development training specified in the application and the nominee has the relevant managerial or other professional skills and work experience to participate in the programme.