Government Agreement stream requirements

    To apply for this visa under the Government Agreement stream, you must:
  • be engaged in Australia under a bilateral agreement between Australia and another country
  • provide evidence that you meet the terms and conditions of the agreement and that your stay in Australia has the support of both the Australian signatory and the foreign signatory to the agreement
  • provide evidence that the Australian signatory is satisfied that you will be employed or engaged in accordance with Australian labour laws and practices, unless that requirement is stated in the agreement
  • comply with all necessary licensing or registration requirements associated with your employment or engagement
  • have evidence from either the Australian or the foreign signatory indicating how long the position lasts.

If family members are coming to Australia with you, the bilateral agreement must allow them to enter Australia, the Australian signatory must agree to their stay in Australia, and your family members must meet the requirements of any terms and conditions of the relevant agreement that apply to them.

We might ask you for a copy of the government agreement after you apply. The agreement must be written in English.