Individuals and Travellers

Identity documents

All applicants must provide proof of their identity and provide the following documents.

  1. Three (3) original documents that collectively show your:
    • photograph
    • signature
    • current residential address
    • birth name, date of birth and gender.

  2. Proof of change of name, if applicable

  3. Identity declaration completed by a person with the correct authority.

The Identity documents checklist will help you identity suitable documents

Identity documents checklist

Evidence of your date of birth, birth name and any changes of name


A full birth certificate from your country of birth which includes the name of your parent(s), or a family/household registration document
Note – commemorative birth certificates or birth certificates without parent (s) names are not acceptable

Evidence of links between present and previous names, for example a marriage or divorce certificate, if applicable 
Change of name documents from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, if applicable 
Documents showing other names that you or your children have been known by. 

A current document with your photograph and/or signature

An Australian driver's licence, or 
A passport, or 
UNHCR document, or 
A national identity card, or 
Other documents containing a signature and photograph such as: an aircrew identity document, seafarer identity document, military identity document or student card. 

Evidence of your current residential address

A utilities notice such as electricity, gas or water bill, or 
Rental contracts or rates notice. 

Evidence of your identity in the community


An Identity declaration including one passport-sized photograph both signed by an Australian citizen with the correct authority.

For online applications, submit Form 1195 – Identity declaration (288KB PDF).

For paper applications, the Identity declaration is contained in the application form.


Evidence of when you first arrived in Australia

If you are applying for Australian citizenship by conferral, you are required to provide evidence of your entry to Australia.

Current and previous passport, or 
Travel document with visa such as a Document for Travel to Australia, PLO56 (M56), Titre de Voyage 

Documents for children under 16 years of age

Usually, identity and other document requirements for children under the age of 16 years are generally the same as those for an adult.

Provide the following documents for children included in your application or on their own application:

  • their full birth certificate or family register containing parent's details
  • their travel document or passport
  • evidence of links between birth name and current name, if applicable
  • one passport-sized photograph and Identity declaration signed by an Australian citizen who meets the criteria for signing the Identity declaration.

If there are any parenting orders relating to your children, or they have been adopted, then you will need to provide these documents too.

Applying on behalf of a child

If you are the 'responsible parent' applying on behalf of a child under 16 years of age provide:

  • documents for the child listed above
  • documents that show your signature, photograph, and current residential address
  • orders relating to the custody, guardianship or parental responsibility for the child, if applicable
  • evidence of adoption of your child, if your child was adopted outside Australia

Definition of responsible parent

The Australian Citizenship Act 2007 defines responsible parent in relation to a child as:

  • a parent, unless that parent does not have parental responsibility because of orders made by the Family Court of Australia, or
  • any person having responsibility over the child because of an order made by the Family Court, or
  • any person who has guardianship or custody of the child under an Australian law or a foreign law, whether because of adoption, operation of law, an order of a court or otherwise.