Merits Review

When do I lodge a review application with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)?

If the Department notifies you in a decision letter that:

  • you have been refused the grant of a visa, or
  • your visa has been cancelled, and
  • you are eligible for a merits review of the decision by the AAT

you should act quickly if you want to apply for review of that decision. This is because there is a time limit by when the application must be lodged for it to be reviewable by the AAT. 

The AAT cannot extend the date by when you must apply to the AAT for a review of that decision. You must complete the relevant form and pay any applicable application fee within the time limit.

Details on forms and fee are available from the AAT's website.

How do I lodge a review application with the AAT?

The Department will tell you in the decision letter if you are eligible for merits review by the AAT. Details of the time limit for lodging your application for review and where you must lodge your application for review will be provided in that letter.

Usually, unless you are in immigration detention, you will be able to lodge your application either online, in person, by email, by post or by fax.

Note  If you are lodging an application by post, you must allow for enough time for the application to be received by the AAT before the time limit expires.

If you are in immigration detention, you will be advised by the Department on how you can lodge a review application with the AAT.

Where are AAT registries located so I can lodge my review application?

Registries of the AAT are located in most states. These include:

New South Wales

Level 6
83 Clarence  Street
Sydney NSW  2000


Level 4
15 William Street
Melbourne Vic. 3000


Level 4
119 North Quay
Brisbane Qld 4000

South Australia

Level 2
1 King William St
Adelaide SA 5000

Western Australia

Level 5
111 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Unless the Department's decision letter states differently, in most cases, review applications to the AAT can be delivered or sent to one of these AAT registries.

Information about AAT contact details, forms and fees are provided on the AAT website.

Where can I get additional information?

Further information about the merits review process is available from the AAT's website.